Driving Lesson Prices

South Island Driving School offers flexible packages to fit the needs of any driver. If at any time you feel you need to take more or less Driving Lessons please discuss this with your instructor. All prices are subject to tax.

1x 90min     $120+tax

2x90min     $235+tax

3x90min     $345+tax

4x90min     $440+tax

5x90min     $550+tax

6x90min     $660+tax

7x90min     $770+tax

8x90min     $880+tax

9x90min     $990+tax

10x90min   $1100+tax

Road test package   $190 +tax     ** 90min in-car lesson, 15min advance arrival before road test, use of car for the road test. Please note, this does not include pick-up and drop off service. 90min lesson is allocated to road test maneuver practice.

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