Frequently asked questions

Can you pick me up from school and drop me off at home? Yes, we sure can. Since life is ever changing, we are happy to adjust to your schedule. We can…pick-up at school and drop off at home, pick-up at home and drop off at work, pick-up at moms and drop off at dads… you get the idea!

When should my son/daughter take driving lessons? At South Island driving School firmly believe that “practice makes permanent” so we highly recommend taking driving lessons before you ever attempt driving with your child, in your vehicle. Our vehicles go through rigorous inspections to ensure safety for student drivers (passenger brake, appropriate car insurance, reflective signage to name a few)

 Do you offer lessons to senior drivers? We offer diving lessons for senior drivers going in to re-testing or driving assessments. You are welcome to use our cars for driving lessons or your own if you choose.

Can I do a driving lesson to review everything that will be on the road test? Yes, you absolutely can. We do encourage minimum 2 driving lessons before your road test. The reason for this is that the ICBC basic class 5 road test does NOT require a student to merge on the highway. However, merging and highways are an essential part of driving. We require our instructors to ensure all of our students have covered a highway driving + merge at some point during their lessons. Your first time on a highway should not be alone. **If you have already done highway driving with your parents and are comfortable merging please let your instructor know**

My child is a very nervous driver … are your instructors patient? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Our company policy is for our driving instructors to be patient and calm. Our driving instructors are very experienced with all sorts of student needs. At no point during driving lessons will a student be made uncomfortable.

How many lessons should I take? This depends entirely on your driving experience and learning abilities. Our instructors are required to cover a wide variety of driving maneuvers and scenarios, many of which come easily to some, while other might require further coaching.

Can I use your car for my test? Yes, you absolutely can. For insurance reasons we require a driving assessment prior to the test for our driving instructors to ensure readiness for the road test. Our suggestion is to have you driving assessment done a few days prior to your actual driving test.