Driving Lessons Victoria

Each understudy is one of a kind; Victoria Driving School will outline a powerful arrangement for every understudy focusing on their optimal learning style. We endeavor to meet our understudies objectives for taking driving exercises; getting to be astounding drivers and accomplishment for the ICBC Road Test.

hour and a half LESSONS

Our standard driving exercises are 90 minutes(1.5 hours) and this gives sufficient time to plan to every exercise, on street pragmatic driving practice and a question and rundown toward the finish of every exercise.


For drivers that are preparing to take their street test, we offer a pre evaluation and prep exercise. We burn through a hour and a half in auto to watch the understudy drive and an extra 15 minutes to audit, talk about and offer suggestions in anticipation of their street test.


Understudies wishing to finish the ICBC Road Test can do as such in a Victoria Driving School auto for included commonality and certainty. We truly feel this is an incredible expansion to our exercises and would be unequivocally suggested for our understudies.

We give our vehicle and a teacher for 120 minutes (2 hours) on your test day. This gives get and drop off administration in Greater Victoria*, a warm-up drive to ICBC, mental prepare before test at ICBC, taking the street test, and drive back home.

Cautious Driving

At the Victoria Driving School, we endeavor to show cautious driving procedures to grow more certain drivers. Figuring out how to stay away from accidents is our #1 need. Drivers are in danger from different vehicles, natural life, climate conditions, people on foot, cyclists and different perils.

A portion of the guarded driving things we cover:

Perception: The most basic piece of guarded driving is your perception aptitudes. Where and what to look like and what things to pay special mind to.

Safe after separations: Maintaining a protected separation gives drivers a superior possibility of keeping away from accidents

Sweeps and Shoulder Checks: Drivers are more sure when they build up the abilities to survey circumstances out and about.

Stale Green lights and Point of no Return: Intersections are high accident zones. Figuring out how to explore convergences is basic to great driving.

Correspondence: Learning to speak with our drivers, street clients and people on foot is a vital expertise in driving

Pick a Suitable Driving school

Picking the driving school in which to embrace the course is as critical as the securing of the expertise itself. Other than getting an incentive for the expense brought about, arriving in a school in which street wellbeing and safe driving is stressed should shape significant premise of settling on this decision Driving Lessons Victoria.

As much as the expense should be a factor in the thought, the nature of aptitude conveyance ought to likewise have an impact. Albeit taking the street is to a great extent a matter of ‘life and demise’, the course should be similarly fun. The student should feel sufficiently acknowledged while under preparing, all the more so to look to consummate this honorable endeavor Driving Lessons Victoria.

Driving Lessons Victoria

In the driver’s seat Ethics

Driving is certainly not an onetime exercise; it is a persistent procedure with the fundamental morals becoming possibly the most important factor each time one gets in the driver’s seat. While a driver is out and about, he is required to cling to an arrangement of code, which to a great extent manage one with respect to conduct while out and about. Keeping up mental stability in the streets should be the objective of each individual utilizing the driving office, including the walkers, yet more so the drivers.

As much as there are stringent measures to guarantee proficient and adequate conduct out and about, the essential method of direct of a driver should be procured amid the preparation procedure. This guarantees people joining the substantial number of street clients are enough furnished with the fundamental morals to keep up request on the streets Driving Lessons Victoria.

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