Want to Learn Driving In Victoria

South Island Driving School Has Been Opened in 2013SIDS is locally owned and operated Driving School based in Victoria, BC.

Our Instructors have a 15 Years of Industry Experience in Alberta and BC with teaching driving even when There’s 3 Feet of Snow.

We are committed to ensuring our Students to Learn to Drive in a Safe and a Comfortable Learning Environment. 

Why Choose SIDS?

  • More Practices.
  • Flexible Course Completion Dates.
  • We’r Fun.
  • New, Safe and Well Maintained Vehicles.
  • Professional Driver Educators.
  • Extended Office Hours.
  • Bring a Buddy&Save.
  • Several Payment Options For Our Courses.
  • Web, Mail & Live Chat Support.
  • Honest Advice & Opinions.

What Student Learn?

  • Traffic Signals.
  • Hazard Perception.
  • Correct Driving Distance Between Vehicles.
  • Speed-Awareness & Management.
  • Merging & Changing Lanes.
  • Use Of Mirrors.
  • Correct Road Positioning.
  • Pre-Test Evaluation.
  • Point Turns and U-Turns, Reverse And Parallel Parking.
  • Driver Courtesy.

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+1 250-580-2471

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